Patients and plastic surgeons have developed tremendous enthusiasm for cohesive breast implants, known by their nickname “gummy bear implants.” But after consulting with over a thousand patients inquiring about these new silicone gel implants, it became clear to Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Teitelbaum that patients were often confused and even misinformed by what they had read on the internet. Misperceptions about these breast implants are common even among many plastic surgeons.

A note from Dr. Steven Teitelbaum:

CohesiveImplants.com was written to provide patients seeking information about breast augmentation with silicone gel implants with straightforward answers to their questions. Today’s patients expect to participate in making decisions regarding their care. But to be a good participant, the patient must be able to access quality information. This website contains complete, honest, and authoritative information, and is written to help patients conscientiously researching gummy bear implants.

The expert breast surgeons listed on this website are all highly knowledgeable and experienced using gummy bear implants for breast augmentation. All have a tremendous breadth and scope of knowledge on cohesive breast implants. Most have taught cohesive implant surgery to other plastic surgeons, written about these implants, and been a consultant to breast implant manufacturers seeking advice on physician education.

They have all contributed information to this website and financially support the ongoing development of this site. Each of them commends you on doing your research, and wish you the best of luck should you decide to proceed with breast augmentation surgery.

Their universal advice to you is this: don’t rush into anything. Do your research, relax, and just enjoy the process.

Steven Teitelbaum MD FACS
Santa Monica, California
February 2013

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