Though the new technology in cohesive implants is very exciting, your final result will be affected more by your surgeon than your implant.The following doctors are all excellent breast augmentation surgeons. All also have substantial experience with gummy bear breast implants.

Each of these surgeons has performed at least 250 breast augmentations with these implants and followed gummy bear patients for a minimum of 10 years. All have written about cohesive implants and taught other plastic surgeons how to best use them. Very few plastic surgeons meet these standards.

Use this expert cohesive implant surgeon locator as you begin your search for a surgeon. Continue to read about each individual surgeon’s experience, credentials, philosophy, and research the status of their medical license with their state medical board.

Each of these surgeons has been a long term participant in the clinical trials for the 410 and/or the CPG implant. These surgeons are able to enroll patients in the Mentor CPG study and offer the extended range of 410 sizes which are not yet FDA approved.

Click on an available state to view surgeons in that area.


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