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santa monica plastic surgeon dr steven teitelbaum
Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Teitelbaum is a specialist in aesthetic plastic surgery, including cosmetic breast and body surgery, revision of difficult breast surgeries, and much more. He occupies a niche for patients desiring natural results and demanding the highest level of attention to detail and service.


By now you’re sure to have heard about the “gummy-bear implant,” a type of breast implants which offer a soft and supple feel with the added benefit of being relatively leak free due to the cohesion of the silicone. It is this consistency that allows the implants to maintain the commonly requested tear drop shape. While the edges of the implant blend gradually into the surrounding tissue, the thinner top of the implant slopes gently down to a fuller bottom half, creating the gorgeous contour of a natural breast.

Although these breast implants are new in the United States, Dr. Teitelbaum has been using them in clinical studies since 2000 and is one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in the country! So experienced, in fact, that the manufacturers of these implants have asked him to help develop the curriculum to teach other surgeons how to use these breast implants. He has traveled as far away as Europe, Asia, and Africa to teach surgeons how to use them.

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24 Hour Recovery – Does a virtually pain-free breast augmentation sound too good to be true?

Many of Dr. Teitelbaum’s patients think it is – until they understand what he does differently and speak to actual patients who are pain-free just a day or two after breast surgery.

Recent developments really have allowed breast augmentation patients to return to normal activities within 24 hours, without the need for narcotics, pain pumps, special bandages, or bras.

Dr. Teitelbaum’s patients routinely go out to dinner the night of surgery, go to Lakers games, or just enjoy the evening with their family. Most drive within several days, and need no more than a few days off of work.

Bruising is minimal or non-existent, and pain is controlled with just regular Advil and Motrin.

When some surgeons hear this, they don’t believe it! That’s one reason why Dr. Teitelbaum teaches a course at the largest plastic surgery meeting in the world in which he describes how to do this.

Dr Teitelbaum on one of his visits to tour the 410 production line.

How is it done? Meticulous pre-operative planning assures not just that you will get the result that you want, but that time won’t be wasted during surgery making decisions that could better have been made with the doctor and you beforehand.

Very careful surgical techniques coordinated with excellent anesthesia and a detailed understanding of fine points of anatomy, allow the operation to proceed smoothly and with a minimum of trauma. With our current anesthesia technique, it has been years since a breast augmentation patient had significant nausea.

Because of rough or imprecise technique, some surgeons tightly bandage patients or make them wear a special bra. But Dr. Teitelbaum’s precise and gentle surgical technique allows his patients to move their arms in the recovery room right after surgery! That way, your arms never get stiff and frozen.

We hear stories that some doctors tell patients to keep their elbows at their sides “as if you had a broken arm” for a week after surgery. In contrast, we encourage our patients to shampoo and blow dry their own hair the night of surgery. The result is less pain, a shortened recovery, and a lower chance of hardening of your breasts.

Whether you’re in the Los Angeles area, or somewhere else in the world, we encourage you to contact Dr. Teitelbaum for a consultation either in person or via Skype by completing the form at the top of this page, or by calling 310-315-1121.

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