Teitelbaum philosophy


Steven Teitelbaum, MD, FACS

1301 Twentieth Street
Suite 350
Santa Monica, CA 90404


Dr. Teitelbaum has met with several thousand patients to discuss cohesive silicone breast implants, so he knows the issues that patients are most concerned about.

He has followed hundreds of patients with gummy bear breast implants for over a decade, so he has had the opportunity to observe the factors that contribute to patient satisfaction or disappointment.

He uses the gummy bear implants with great enthusiasm in many patients, but realizes that what most gets a patient the breasts she wants is taking the time to listen carefully to what she would like to look like after the surgery. Then it is important to examine her and see what is possible, discussing whether there is any discrepancy between what she wants and what is possible for her body. Deciding the implant size, the incision, and working together during recovery are the final steps in fulfilling a patient’s wishes.

Highly cohesive implants certainly can enhance shape, be less likely to have folds, and give patients peace of mind. But the implants only matter after everything else is put into order.

It is clear to him that all breast implants that are now available in the United States are safe. The decision to use cohesive implants is not always clear, and he is able to discuss with patients the specific benefits and tradeoffs that apply to them, so that they may better make a decision as to whether they want these implants for themselves.

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