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Bruce W. Van Natta, MD

170 West 106th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46290


“I heard about Dr. Van Natta’s Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation from a friend and former patient, and I became intrigued enough to call for a consultation. Upon making the appointment, Dr. Van Natta’s staff encouraged me to watch his pre-consultation video, which describes in great detail about the specific steps to his Rapid Recovery. My consultation was in mid-January. After meeting with Dr. Van Natta, himself, as well as several members of his staff, my concerns lessened. However, I still wondered whether Dr. Van Natta’s Rapid Recovery could withstand the test of toddlers.

My surgery was on a Friday in early February. Following surgery, I walked out of the office, got into the car and rode with my husband to collect our kids from a friend’s house. Kids on board, we went out to lunch. (Note: my surgery was late enough in the morning that Dr. Van Natta recommended lunch BEFORE napping, which is opposite the normal order.) We returned home a short while later, and I took my prescribed two-hour nap and first 800mg Ibuprofen. Following my nap, I got up, took a shower, got myself dressed and even did my hair and make-up. That was a particularly snowy winter night, but we got the kids in the car and went out to eat. I opened my own car door, took both of the kids out of their car seats and settled my one year-old into his highchair. Upon our return home, I helped get the kids back into the house, bathed them and even put the little one to bed!”

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