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Dr. Glicksman: Cohesive Gel Experience

As a clinical investigator for both round and shaped breast implants since 1995, Dr. Glicksman has had the opportunity to train and collaborate with some of the worlds most gifted and talent breast augmentation surgeons.

She has enrolled hundreds of patients in clinical trials using the style 410 highly cohesive gel breast implant for breast augmentation, revision breast augmentation, and breast reconstruction. With the release of Sientra’s shaped and round gel implants in 2012, and the anticipated approval of the highly cohesive gels, women will finally have a larger selection of implants available to them. With FDA approvals, however, it will be even more critical that American women seek out a board certified plastic surgeon that has experience using all types of breast implants.

If improved outcomes in breast augmentation are available, and the devices have improved over the years, then why do the revision rates remain so high? The answer lies in how much importance is placed on patient and physician education. Some of the most important decisions that a plastic surgeon and their patient will make in breast augmentation are made long before the surgical procedure. Selecting the specific implant, as well as understanding when and how to use shaped highly cohesive gel implants, comes with advanced training and experience. Unlike round gel implants, shaped implants come in varying heights, widths, and projections. This demands precision at every step, from implant selection and planning, through the actual surgical procedure and recovery.

If you are considering a breast augmentation or a revision of your existing breast implants, and you are interested in the highly cohesive gels, seek out a surgeon who has years of experience using all types of implants. The opportunity to undergo an advanced patient experience in breast augmentation is out there. Don’t accept anything less.

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