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Caroline A. Glicksman, MD

2164 Rte 35
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Feb. 16, 2011
It’s been 5 years since I had my procedure and I am still thrilled with the results. I always say my experience from initial appointments and questions, to surgery, results, recovery and follow up was exactly how I would have scripted it! She answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable with her knowledge of my situation (diabetes), and the course to the best results for me. My breast augmentation is still as soft as the first day! Couldn’t be happier.

Jan. 22.2011
Before I went for my consult I had a lot of questions I wrote down that I was going to ask Dr. Glicksman. I didn’t even have to ask any of those questions! Dr. Glicksman explained everything to me in detail and much more. When I left her office I felt at ease and educated. I had lost over 70 lbs and I have kept it off for about 8 years now. So needless to say my once full D cup was a B cup! I went with the round implants Dr. Glicksman suggested and I’m happy I did. Prior to surgery I was told I wasn’t going to need a pain medication! I thought to myself this should be interesting! lol Dr. Glicksman assured me that I wouldn’t need it and I trusted her. Amazingly I didn’t need it all! I had my procedure on a Thursday and I was back at work on Monday! I was sore, but not in pain. I just felt like I had a tuff workout the night before, but NO PAIN or bleeding! I could reach over my head that same day. I am 6 months post op and I feel like I never even had anything done. They are not too big or too small and look so natural. Thank you Dr.Glicksman, for helping me like myself naked again.


Jan.29, 2012

I had gummy bear implants placed by Dr. Glicksman in Nov of 2011. As a surgeon myself I did pretty extensive research on the implant type and surgeon. After meeting with Dr. Glicksman for my initial consultation I was sure I had found the right person. She is extremely knowledgeable about the history of implant types, outcome data and complications. She takes a meticulous and caring approach to her procedures, giving you her honest opinion to help you achieve the best cosmetic results. I had my surgery on a Tuesday sailed through the procedure with minimal post op pain, and swelling. Actually meeting with friends for dinner on that Friday and they couldn’t believe how easily I was moving about! I experienced some muscular soreness similar to what you would expect after doing an intense upper body work out with lots of pushups. That lasted about 2-3 weeks but doesn’t really limit you too much. I required only Motrin for pain for the first 2 days and went was back to work on Monday, able to complete my duties without difficulty. I was quite happy with the results from the moment I woke up but now being near 3 months out I am in love with them! They look, feel and move very naturally. Preoperatively when I had trouble deciding on a size her experience was invaluable in directing my choice which led to a selection that fits my body type perfectly. My only regret is that I wanted so long to go through with the procedure. There are certainly a lot of horror stories on the internet and in the literature! I am extremely satisfied with my results and strongly recommend Dr. Glicksman without reservation to anyone considering breast augmentation.

August 22, 2012
In January I had surgery with Dr. Glicksman. I was shocked at how “normal” I felt after. She called me that night to see how I was feeling, and I was up watching TV with the family. It’s been about 8 months now, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The recovery was a breeze and I was back to my everyday routine in no time. Thanks to the thoughtful staff and especially Dr. Glicksman!


July 15, 2012
I am a little over 48 hours post-op from my breast augmentation with Dr. Glicksman, and I am a classic textbook case from “The Best Breast”! During my initial consultation, which was very educational and relaxed, Dr. Glicksman suggested this book for me to read. It became my “booby bible”! I knew from my first visit I had chosen the “best doctor” to do my “gummy bear” implant augmentation! I was able to raise my arms over my head before I left the surgery center (which was also a great experience with kind, caring nurses and staff!) Since I was from PA, Dr. Glicksman gave me a post-op visit the day after my surgery so I could travel home to recover. Before that appointment, (which was only 24 hours post-op) I was able to shower, blow-dry and curl my hair AND put on my make-up! My wonderful husband accompanied me to that appointment and then to Moonstruck for a great dinner, and home! And all that with only having to take ibuprofen for the discomfort!

July 16, 2012
I came to Dr. Glicksman after having several surgeries that went wrong with other very credentialed doctors. Because I recovered so well & so quickly from my bilateral mastectomy, I never thought that there was the possibility that the reconstruction surgery could go so wrong. I had three surgeries before meeting Dr. Glicksman. She fixed what others could not & I can finally dress normally and feel like my old self and move on with my life. She did a great job and I’m truly appreciative.


June 6, 2012
Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and chose to have a bi-lateral mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction. Interviewing plastic surgeons for a mastectomy procedure can be a difficult and emotional process. Dr. Glicksman is fabulous – very comforting, thorough, friendly, kind and compassionate and made me feel at ease instantly. She and her entire staff are supportive and professional and always made me feel that my concerns were viewed as important. My final reconstructive surgery was completed six months ago and I am extremely pleased. Recovery was smooth and the outcome is great. Dr. Glicksman has been a critical part of my recovery thanks to her expertise, realistic approach, and positive attitude. If I ever needed another cosmetic procedure in the future, I would not hesitate in going to Dr. Glicksman – you’ve got to go and experience it!

April 1, 2012
I have wanted a breast augmentation for years and finally decided to go to consultations. After seeing a couple of surgeons I was still fearful until my consultation with Caroline Glicksman. Her significant knowledge about breast implants and the latest technology made me feel more comfortable with the surgery. She was very helpful and insightful. I am so happy with the surgery and how it turned out. She did an amazing job.

Sept 12, 2011
As a nurse I did extensive research to find the right doctor to do my breast implants. I was so happy I chose Dr. Glicksman. She has such a vast knowledge about implant surgery and she informed me about all of my options. I had a choice between round implants or the “gummy bears” and I chose to go with the rounds because I preferred the fuller shape of the rounds. It’s been almost a year and it was one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I have so much more confidence and I look so much better in clothes and a bathing suit. I highly recommend Dr. Glicksman as a plastic surgeon.

August 26, 2011
Three years ago I had a revision augmentation from saline to form stable (gummy bears), and I have been studied regularly. The office contacts me to let me know it is a study time again. I have never had any pain or had to take pain meds, I took tylenol. There never is a charge for me to have my follow up study visit. Dr. Glicksman has excellent bedside manner and I feel very comfortable with her. She is very knowledgeable and eased any fears that I ever had. Her office staff is amazing and extremely helpful with anything I need. I would highly recommend her.

August 26, 2011
I underwent a breast augmentation with Dr Glicksman 8 years ago. Since then I have had a baby and moved away from the area. Each year I return for my scheduled follow up appointment with Dr. Glicksman at NO CHARGE! My friends tell me they were never even told to return after six months! She is obviously NOT about the money. She says that eventually my implants will have to be replaced. She also now reminds me to schedule my yearly mammograms and I know I will stay with her for the eventual replacement of my breast implants.

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