A gallery of interesting and difficult cases in which gummy bear implants were a big part of creating a beautiful result.


CASE #1   Constricted Breasts
This patient has severely constricted breasts, which are also referred to as tubular or tuberous breasts. This is a situation where a form stable anatomic implant has a particular advantage over a standard silicone gel implant. To attain an attractive shape, these breasts need to be preferentially expanded in the lower and constricted area. With a standard silicone gel implant that is not form stable, the tight area would push the filler to a different part of the breast. Using a 410 cohesive implant in this case enabled the surgeon to reshape the lower part of the breast while allowing the upper part of the breast to blend naturally, without any obvious signs of an implant. By using a form stable implant, the surgeon could better predict the final shape of the breast. She also had a “donut lift” done at the same time to reduce and reshape her areola.


CASE #2   Capsular Contracture
Capsular contracture remains the most common reason that breast augmentation patients need to have a revision operation. When the body makes scar tissue around implants, they get round and hard, and look very obviously augmented. The mainstay in treating capsular contracture is removing all the scar tissue. This patient chose to have an anatomic gummy bear implant for her new implant. She has stayed soft for many years since her surgery. The teardrop shape of her gummy bear implant affords her a very natural shape, free of any rippling for a natural feel.


CASE #3   Asymmetry
No woman’s breasts match each other exactly, so it is normal for them to be unequal. But when they are so unequal that it is obvious in clothing, then something can be done about it. Standard round implants just come in various projections. But the gummy bear implants come up in various heights, diameters, and projections. This gives a substantially greater array of choices to treat asymmetries. In this case, the patient’s right breast was both narrower and less projecting than the left breast. By picking different widths, heights, and projections for the two breasts, an excellent degree of symmetry was achieved. Symmetry can definitely be helped with standard silicone, but the various shapes of the gummy bear implants and their relative form stability gives the surgeon better control over the final shape.


Case #4   Breast Agenesis
Agenesis means non-development. This unfortunate woman had no development of her breasts at all. This is not so much of a breast augmentation as it is a breast reconstruction. This particular patient just wanted something – anything at all. She had been used to having no breasts at all, and still wanted to have a very diminutive chest. She just wanted enough breast size so that she felt like a woman and could wear any clothes she wanted to wear. Note also in her side view how her chest at the bottom part of her breasts almost caves in. Using a teardrop shaped gummy bear implant enabled the surgeon to add extra fill to this area. She started with essentially no breast form at all, but the shape of the cohesive implant imparted a breast like shape. The tapered edges of the anatomically shaped implant also allows the implant to blend more gradually into the surrounding areas and not look as fake as it might have with a round implant. In particular, look at the lower right picture. In the profile, it is obvious that the breast blends nicely in the upper pole, giving it a natural and beautiful appearance. This patient was thrilled with her outcome.


Case# 5   Round Looking Breasts
The larger the implant, the more likely a breast is to look fake. But even small round implants can look fake. Her implants were high profile round implants, which look like a ball. The were also too narrow for her; you can see that by noticing that the implant was not as wide as her chest and that you could see her ribs out to the side. Also look at the profile view of her befores and you can see how abrupt the end of the implant is on the top. An anatomic implant of the right size created a breast that better fit her body. At the same time the breast itself is much prettier and less fake looking. In particular, look at the front view at how the width of the implant better fits her rib cage and feminizes her silhouette. It is important that the breast be as wide as the back otherwise seeing the rib cage can make the body look less beautiful. And in the profile view there is a much more gradual taper of the top of the breast into the upper chest. Note how empty the upper breast is on the pre in the profile, but how nicely and naturally filled it is in the post.

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