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  • Gummy Bear Implants

    Highly cohesive or gummy bear implants have captured the excitement and imagination of women from around the world interested in an implant with the potential to be prettier, softer, less obvious, and longer lasting. What makes them so special?
  • Find a Surgeon

    Using highly cohesive implants requires special surgical skills as well as experience in discussing these implants with patients. These surgeons each have a decade or more of experience with hundreds of patients, and have all taught other plastic surgeons how to use these implants, from the most basic level to using them in the most difficult situations.
  • FDA Trials

    The 410 and Sientra implants are both now FDA approved, though certain shapes of the 410 are only available as part of clinical trials from participating surgeons. The CPG by Mentor is not yet approved and is only available in clinical trials.
  • Before & After

    As much as a better implant can enhance a result, it is the judgment and skill of the surgeon that matters the most. These before and after photos demonstrate the gorgeous results that are possible when expert plastic surgeons are using gummy bear implants.
  • Featured Cases

    The relatively form stable shape of highly cohesive implants provides new opportunities to better enhance the breast shape of women with naturally malformed breasts, those needing a reconstruction after mastectomy, or following complications from previous breast augmentations.



What are Cohesive Gel Breast Implants?Why are Cohesive Gel Implants anatomically shaped?

Are there Round Cohesive Gel Implants?

Do Cohesive Gel Implants come with a smooth and a textured surface?

Which Surgeons can use Cohesive Gel Implants in the United States?

Which Patients can receive Cohesive Gel Implants in the United States?

Are there Round Cohesive Gel Implants?

What happens if a Cohesive Gel Implants ruptures?

How would you know if a Cohesive Gel Implant has leaked?

Why does everyone call these implants by different names?

What does Gummy bear mean?

What is a Cohesive implant?

What is a Highly Cohesive Implant?

What is a Form Stable Implant?

What is MemoryGel™?

What is MemoryShape™?

What is SoftTouch™?

Can you compare the cohesivity of the different implants?

Why are the doctors on this site all considered experts in highly cohesive implants?

Aren’t all implants cohesive?

Why were cohesive implants created?

What was the first highly cohesive implant?

What are supposed to be the benefits of highly cohesive implants?

What are the downsides of gummy bear implants?

What is different about using cohesive implants than regular silicone implants?

What is the Allergan Style 410?

What is the Mentor CPG?

What is MemoryGel and what is MemoryShape?

What’s the difference between Allergan, Mentor, & Sientra highly cohesive breast implants?

What are Sientra Implants?

Can cohesive breast implants ripple?

Can cohesive breast implants break?

Can cohesive breast implants leak?

Why does Sientra have round cohesive implants but Allergan & Mentor have shaped implants?

Can cohesive breast implants be used to correct rippling?

Can’t teardrop implants rotate?

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